Apple Mac Mini – Overview

What is a Mac Mini?

With its sleek aluminium design, a removable bottom panel for easy access to memory, and a space-saving built-in power supply, Mac mini is pretty incredible. It features high-performance graphics that make it up to two times faster than before. And it’s the most energy-efficient desktop computer ever, using less than 10 watts of power when idle.

Brand New 2011 Mac Mini’s Released

Apple Australia has released brand new Mac Mini’s this July 2011! These new Mac Minis offer improvements internally that make a big difference!

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Whats new in the new Mac Mini’s

There are a range of improvements refer to the table below to see the changes and what they mean for you!

All New Price
  • The New Mac Mini Is priced at just $699 RRP!
“Sandy Bridge” CPUs (i5 – i7)
  • Latest Generation Processor
  • Processor” is the main chip that runs your files and programs. 
  • Makes your Mac Mini run faster plus saving battery!
500GB Hard Drive
  • More storage for your files.
  • Standard size so no upgrade fees!
Thunderbolt Port
  • Allows you to connect thunderbolt devices.
  • Runs at 10GB/sec
No Optical Drive
  • Apple has removed the CD/DVD drive in the new Mac Mini.