Apple Introduces Apple Arcade, A New Gaming Subscription

A gaming subscription service like no other

Apple has unveiled a brand new service at its Special Event called Apple Arcade. A gaming subscription service that gives you access to brand new and original games from acclaimed Indie developers and major studios. But it is a gaming subscription service like no other.

The big focus of Apple Arcade is the quality of titles. All games have been curated and refined based on a number of factors. This includes the originality, quality, creativity, and appeal of the game. They are games in which Apple goes on to explain ‘push storytelling and design further than ever before.’

At launch, the service will deliver over 100 of these games which come from Indie developers and major studies. Apple is even contributing to the development costs to these games. Likely because of the fact all games are exclusive to the new service.


Every game has been designed to run on iPhone and iPad, making Apple Arcade one of the worlds biggest mobile gaming subscription service. But it extends beyond mobile, with all titles playable in the living room via Apple TV, and on the Mac. Some will even support third-party gaming controllers.

Because all games work on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac, Apple has stated you can continue playing from any of these devices – right from where you left.


Apple Arcade will be a paid subscription service at a monthly cost that is yet to be confirmed. A subscription will give you access to all games with the freedom of all-you-can-play. No paying for individual games or additional content. In addition, Apple has focused on user privacy by banning ads and ad tracking in all titles.

The service will work within the App Store under a new ‘Arcade’ tab. A complement to the already enormously popular catalog of free games on the App Store, making iOS the premier gaming platform for players of all ages.

Pricing and Release

Apple has not yet confirmed NZ-pricing for Apple Arcade anywhere in the world, even locally in the US. They have however set a release date for the service in New Zealand for sometime in Spring, 2019.

A release date of Spring will give developers time to learn about the new service. It is also after Apple’s upcoming World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) which has been recently announced for June. Until then, you can learn more about Apple Arcade from Apple’s website.

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