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Apple TV 4K Now Supports Dolby Atmos Audio

The Apple TV 4K has recently been given a free software update that brings Dolby Atmos support. A breakthrough sound technology for the home. Combine this with other technology supported including 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision for the best cinema experience at home.

Dolby Atmos

Have you ever been to the movies and could hear certain sounds around you? For example, an explosion to your left or a plane above you? Likely the theatre (Event Cinemas for example) is using Dolby Atmos sound technology. It allows sound to be transported around you in three-dimensional space.

To bring Dolby Atmos to your home you need compatible speakers. But you also need a media device and movies that support it. Both of which Apple TV 4K and iTunes Movies provide.

Combine Apple TV 4K with a Dolby Atmos–compatible sound system and you’re fully immersed in three-dimensional audio that sends sound around and above you with pinpoint precision. – Apple

Many movies on the iTunes Store offer 4K, HDR/Dolby Vision, and now Dolby Atmos. Movies you have purchased in the past automatically have been upgraded at no cost. For example, I purchased all seven Harry Potter movies in HD a number of years ago. However, I can now stream them all in 4K quality at no extra cost. Along with Dolby Vision/HDR and Dolby Atmos.

Apple TV 4K

Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, 4K and HDR are all supported from the new Apple TV 4K. It is also the first streaming player to be both certified for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Providing a complete home cinematic experience

Apple TV 4K is priced from NZ$299 and can be purchased from Apple’s online store. Apple is currently offering free delivery and 14-day free returns on all purchases.

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