DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo NZ

Apple Exclusively Selling DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo

In time for Christmas, Apple has announced the availability of the limited edition DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo Drone. The new Drone is exclusive to Apple and can be purchased in New Zealand from Apple online for NZ$1,849.

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo

The new drone, white in colour includes a number of features which makes it one of the most powerful and best drones available on the market. It is capable of capturing 4K video and slow-motion video in Full HD, while flying the drone can be done with the included controller. Additionally, from a free app for iPhone or iPad.

It is also one of the most advanced drones available with built-in sensors enabling the drone to automatically track subjects and avoid objects as it flies in the air. With a huge 7 Km range the drone will automatically land close to where you took off and can precisely tell you where it is.

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo NZ Top ViewFlying time has been extended because an extra battery has been included. The pack also includes the white DJI Mavic Pro drone with propellers, remote controller and RC Cable, additional propellers, sleeve, SD Card, Gimbal clamp and more.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive white-version
  • Record 4K Video and Full HD sl0w-motion video
  • Capture photos with the 12-megapixel camera
  • 7 Km range
  • Fly by iPhone or controller
  • Automatically tracks subjects and avoids objects
  • Extra battery pack included

Pricing and Where To Buy

The limited edition DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo Drone can only be purchased from Apple at a cost of A$1,649. Apple is also offering free delivery and returns on all purchases.

You can learn more about the exclusive new drone or make a purchase from Apple online New Zealand.

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