MacBook Pro

Apple NZ releases new MacBook Pro models

Apple New Zealand has this week announced brand new Retina MacBook Pro models with faster CPUs, more memory, upgrade to OS X Yosemite and more.

Apple NZ Online Store

What’s New

  • Upgraded CPU – Meaning MacBook Pro is now much faster.
  • More memory RAM – Meaning you can run more programs at the same time, faster.
  • Free upgrade to OS X Yosemite later this year.
  • More affordable configurations from the Apple Online Store

Why MacBook Pro?

  • Just 1.8 centimetres thin, strong aluminium design.
  • Great battery life – Great for school/uni!
  • Free iWork (Office suite Pages, Numbers & Keynote).
  • Free iLife (Photo, Video, Music editing programs).
  • No viruses.


MacBook Pro is available in 13-inch and 15-inch starting at just $1,599.

13-inch Models

  • Entry level: NZ$1,799
  • Mid level: NZ$2,099
  • Best performance: NZ$2,499

15-inch Models

  • Entry level: NZ$2,799
  • Best performance: NZ$3,499

A non-retina MacBook Pro model is also available for NZ$1,499

Discounted Pricing

Purchase the new MacBook Pro from the Apple Education store and save up to NZ$220!

  • Save up to NZ$220
  • Free delivery

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